Outsource Your Job Search – A Seriously Bad Idea

In the Wall Street Journal on July 12, 2011, there was an article titled “The Unemployed Worker’s New Friend: Outsourcers.” The article highlighted new sites like myjobhunter.com and jobconcierge.com that send job applications (in the hundreds) on your behalf to a plethora of job openings on the web (whether they are suited to your needs is another story).   Interestingly enough, you, the candidate, are unaware of all the organizations that are receiving your glowing credentials.

There is a concept known as “post and pray” in job-seeking: a candidate “posts” to a job on-line and “prays” for the organization to contact them.  This method just does not work.  By outsourcing your job search to these new websites, all you are doing is posting and praying at an accelerated level.  Your applications will increasingly annoy the cornicopia of recruiters out in the marketplace who will quickly realize you took no time to see if your skills actually fit their needs. In addition, by not doing your diligence on the employer, you have no idea if the organization is a cultural fit for you.

For the sophisticated job seeker, just ignore these sites.  You would be better using your time and money taking someone out to coffee or lunch on an informational interview.