Dippin’ Dots – The Ice Cream of the Future or Future Career Opportunity?

It is summer time and nothing cools things down like ice cream!

The ever classic, Dippin’ Dots, were profiled, “In the Lab with Ice Cream Makers,” in the New York Times on July 19th, 2011. Being a proud gen Xer, I remember the “ice cream of the future” at sporting events in the New York Metro area in the 1990s. It was as if the game was not complete without a treat of Dippin’ Dots, as those cool little pellets dissolved in your mouth.  Ah, good times!

Decades have gone by and Dippin’ Dots are still around.  The only thing is that they have plenty of competition now (big companies like Nestle and Unilever have launched their own versions) and so Dippin’ Dots is trying to give itself a makeover with new flavors and new formats.  For example, they are coming up with a coffee flavored version called Forty Below Joe.

This is a nice example of an established brand that seeks to communicate with a new audience using its current know-how mixed with some new concepts.  From a career perspective, what is your Dippin’ Dot? What are you known for that everyone enjoys? Have you thought of taking that skill in a new direction?

Next time you are at the ballpark, enjoy your Dippin’ Dots.  Could be a career advancer for you.  Food for thought.:)