Toothpaste that addresses pain. What are you doing to address your management’s pain?

If you have sensitive teeth, then the article in Drug Store News, “Colgate Expands Oral Care Portfolio with Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief” on August 2, 2011 is for you.  57% of consumers worldwide have tooth sensitivity, which causes them pain.  The brand marketers at Colgate recognized this problem and designed a product specifically to address this pain.  Seems quite simple.  Uncover a consumer need and create a product to fill it.

What about pain at work?  Do you know what your management’s pain is? Have you asked them?  This could be career differentiator for you.

Whether you are currently in a mid-career role, just out of college or in an internship, nobody will ever make fun of you if you ask, “What keeps you up at night?” or “What is your pain?” Asking these kinds of questions can make you more in tune with the needs of your management.  Moreover, it sets you in a position to help fill these needs, only if you take action.

You can offer to take on a new project or to work with a new team.  You can offer to take some work from your manager’s busy plate.  When you do take on new work, make sure to document it and then remind your manager of your accomplishments at review time.  This could get you that promotion you were looking for or close the deal on a full-time job based on a stellar internship performance.

Next time you brush your teeth, have a think on your management’s pain.  Could do you a world of good.