Coca-Cola is going where its customer is, so should you

According to Advertising Age’s article “Coca-Cola’s Futuristic Soda Fountain to Get 2012 Ad Push” on August 8, 2011, Coca Cola Freestyle (the futuristic Coke machine) is gearing up for its first promotion campaign after being 3 years old.  The machine can offer up to 125 different types of sodas, flavored drinks, sports drinks and lemonades.  (If this thing did my laundry, my life would be complete.) Interestingly enough, the machine can actually produce data on which drinks are most popular during certain times of day.  For example, Caffeine-Fee Diet Coke is very popular after 3pm.

To get the campaign mix right, Coca-Cola has tapped the global advertising agency, Ogilvy and Mather, to develop creative concepts for the campaign. Ogilvy has said they will be using radio, outdoor and digital advertising to generate awareness for the campaign.

Coca-Cola has a clear idea on which channels to use in targeting its communication, so that its customers are aware of Coca Cola Freestyle.  What channels are you using to target your communication in your job search?  Are you subscribing to the right e-newsletters, google alerts, twitter feeds and other specialized media so that you are fully aware of the right industry events and conferences in your field? By putting yourself where your potential employers are, you become more in-tune with their most pressing needs and their industry lingua-franca.  You can even further develop new relationships directly with the organizations you are targeting.

Coca-Cola is thirsty for your business.  You should be drinking the same “kool-aid” in your job search.  (Yes, i know kool-aid is owned by Kraft.)