Hormel’s SPAM upgrades by moving to China. Perhaps so should you…


I am not talking about your email inbox, but the iconic canned meat wonder from Hormel.  In Bloomberg Businessweek’s “Spam’s Long March in China” on August 4, 2011, we learn that SPAM’s introduction into the Chinese market will be priced 40% higher than other canned meat brands.  Essentially, SPAM will be launched as a premium meat brand.  Dare I say, “Pass the Grey Poupon!” Apparently, in China, the local luncheon meats are drier.  SPAM is juicier, so the thinking is that the local Chinese consumer will favor this foreign brand over local brands.

If SPAM can have its China, then you can have that in your own career. Are your skills, talents, efforts and results being truly valued in your organization? Are you communicating these accomplishments to key stakeholders in your organization but are still not getting the promotions, compensation and accolades that come along with these merits? If not, then it is time to find a place that does.  It may not take a move to China, but it will certainly take some initiative on your part to find the organization that fits your work style, your personality and your life.  If SPAM can do it, so can YOU!