Learn to craft an effective and actionable law firm business development plan.

above-the-lawJason Levin’s legal industry experience provides him with relevant insights that allow him to excel in working with attorneys of all backgrounds.

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business development for lawyers

Every law firm's business development tool kit should focus on the ability to:

  • listen;
  • understand client needs; and
  • articulate a solution.

Using this approach, you already have the foundations of a successful business development skill set. Add in a consistent proces,s and you have a winning combination to grow your practice.

Based in Washington, DC, Jason Levin, MBA, has considerable expertise working with attorneys.

Jason's business development coaching for lawyers provides customized:

  • one-one-one business development coaching;
  • group coaching; and
  • law firm business development workshops.

Through business development coaching, you’ll learn:


  • how to raise your profile as an attorney
  • to articulate your value to the practice
  • actionable strategies to bring in new clients


Creating a Business Development Mindset

Is the voice inside you working for or against you?

Nourishing Your Relationship Base

Networking begins in your practice group, in your office, and in your firm. Your internal firm relationships are the anchors of your personal brand. Let’s develop a plan to build and maintain them.

Personal Branding + Raising Your Professional Profile Within the Firm

When you engage with Jason for legal business development coaching, he will first listen and understand your unique skill set and the value you bring. He will then partner with you to develop custom strategies (beyond the cliches you normally hear and read) to raise your profile and ensure you are seen as a valuable member of your legal practice.




As a young partner at a large law firm, I knew I needed a business plan, but I didn’t know where to begin. Jason gave me the skill set and the confidence I needed not just to create a business plan, but to establish a professional image that I’m excited to grow. I would (and do!) highly recommend Jason for any lawyer similarly looking to create or grow a practice of their own.

- Law Firm Partner

Take advantage of a complimentary 30 minute consultation to learn how business development coaching for lawyers can benefit you.