Employer Outplacement + Exit Management Services

Talent is the lifeblood of your organization, and outplacement services can help support your talent. As an employer, you care deeply about your organization’s employer brand and the ability to attract, retain and develop talented people.

Unfortunately, there are times when an employee no longer fits into the organization’s strategy. It is never easy to part ways with an employee. You certainly recognize the employee’s contribution, and as an employer you want to make sure the departure is managed well.

Ready, Set, Launch, LLC, based in Washington, DC, provides thoughtful and strategic outplacement and exit management to ensure a seamless transition for your valuable talent.

Each employee who receives Ready, Set, Launch, LLC outplacement services is treated as an individual. The strategies and recommendations for each employee are custom and personalized. There are many 21st century job search strategies available, however the success of a transition is based on the individual’s needs, interests, experiences and career goals. The employee’s buy-in also will be critical to a successful transition. Ready, Set, Launch, LLC provides your exiting employee with a job search strategy and tactics for maximum success.

Ready, Set, Launch, LLC is based in Washington, DC and is proud to work with executives and mid-career professionals of diverse backgrounds. Outplacement clients include Amlaw 100  law firms (view my NALP Bulletin article on legal outplacement for attorneys), Fortune 500 companies,  trade associations, non-profits, private equity backed and emerging technology (view my article in Washington Exec) companies.

Outplacement clients have been coached both in-person and by phone, Skype, Zoom and FaceTime based on their needs.


Self-Awareness Assessment + Interview

Imagine giving a thoughtful and honest answer to the question “Walk me through your resume?” Through Ready, Set, Launch, LLC®’s custom questionnaire and interview, your transitioning employee has the opportunity to take a step back and reflect on their skills, interests, values and accomplishments.

Job Search Strategy

Based on key themes gleaned from the assessment interview, we work to bring these ideas to life. Ready, Set, Launch, LLC supports your transitioning employee to develop an actionable strategy based on target industries, roles and employers.

Relationship Building

People always know more people than they think. Our work together will ensure clear communication of employees’ interests to contacts in their professional, personal and associative circles. Employees will learn how to introduce themselves to others in professional, associative and informal settings.

Market Intelligence (Print, Digital, Events)

You are what you read, so read with intent! Based on employees’ target employers and roles, ensure reading of relevant newsletters and industry periodicals as well as attending relevant events.

Executive Search + Recruiter Strategy

Ready, Set, Launch, LLC, helps exiting employees navigate the executive search community. Employee’s goals will dictate how they leverage the search and staffing community. Read my blog post on how to work with executive search professionals.

24/7 Career Support

To ensure momentum, employees will have access to Ready, Set, Launch, LLC®’s career webinars on job-seeking best practices, personal branding, interviewing, resume writing, networking and outreach and social media strategy. For example, watch this webinar.

Tracking File + Organization

Ready, Set, Launch, LLC offers transitioning employees assistance in creating and maintaining detailed documentation of job search efforts to maintain a focused job search.

Mock Interview Preparation

Practice, practice, practice! Ready, Set, Launch, LLC conducts mock interviews to ensure the approach, message, and questions are aligned with the market, organization and interviewer, to turn an interview into an offer.

Professional Collateral

Each Client Receives:

  • Resume Rewrite:  An accomplishment-oriented resume geared towards target roles and employers that aligns with their transition strategy. This is a key part of their personal brand and I look forward to working in partnership with your transitioning employees to help them tell their unique, professional story. 

The Resume Process

1) Questionnaire – Key Accomplishments - In advance of a phone interview, I ask each employee to complete a questionnaire to describe the 3 things they are most proud of in their career, regardless of when they happened. If they are applying for a specific job, they can think of the 3 most important aspects of this role and how their skills, accomplishments match up.

2) Interview – Our interview will be a review of their questionnaire responses along with understanding their current resume. This interview can take place either in-person, Zoom, or via phone. Usually interviews take 60-90 minutes.

3) Draft Delivery and Versioning - My resume writing style is to report what was achieved. It is not about being “flashy”, but rather a summary of core challenges, stakeholders, actions, and accomplishments, so a reader can get a sense of one's skills, values, relationships and personal brand. In 7-10 business days, I send them a resume draft, and we begin the editing process until the facts are right and they believe it to be “game ready”. Unlike other resume writers that limit to a certain number of document revisions, I do not have a limit on document revisions.

4) Get External Feedback - The employee sends their resume to 3 people in their professional circle who would be in a position to hire them for input. I remain at the ready to incorporate the feedback.

5) Final Version - Their resume is ready to go

  • LinkedIn Rewrite:  A robust profile to consolidate their digital presence.
  • Cover Letter Support: Quality check to ensure cover letters align with each specific role being applying for.

For a complimentary 30-minute consultation, you can contact me at jason@readysetlaunch.net to discuss your goals and objectives. I look forward to hearing from you.