Athlete Transitions

"Jason Levin came to our annual Career Night at Georgetown University and blew the room away with his energy, knowledge and experience in the pursuit of a career path for our young men. He has a way of looking at the job search from a different angle; one that's loaded with creative ideas and integral insights that only experience can provide. We hope that Jason is an annual contributor to our event and I couldn't recommend him any higher". Peter Wilk, Head Baseball Coach, Georgetown University

When I was a kid, I had the big dream of playing professional sports. I collected baseball cards and went to card shows with my dad. I often looked up to Dan Marino’s arm, Dale Murphy’s bat, Patrick Ewing’s grit and Florence Griffith Joyner's speed. In high-school I played baseball, football and wrestling with my friends. While my strong work ethic allowed me to be on these teams, I noticed my friends getting faster, stronger and more agile. Eventhough I did not play beyond high-school, I appreciate what sports, my coaches and peers taught me about teamwork, shared sacrifice, persistence, adversity, and setting goals.

So let’s talk about you and your career goals. From high-school to college to the professional ranks, your athletic career has been a journey. You committed hours and hours each day to practice, so you could perform at your best. Your ability to prepare for every scenario will serve you well in your next step. Let’s work together to develop ideas on what your athlete career transition will look like.

Career coaching is my passion, and my goal is to support your career development and advancement. I will help you define and refine your career interests, clarify your strategy to achieve goals, build an intentional approach to your relationships, articulate an actionable plan, and then work with you to execute the plan to land that next job, promotion, career change or retirement transition. If you decide you want to be your own boss, I can also work with you to start and grow your small business. I will customize a program that meets your unique and specific needs.

Ready, Set, Launch, LLC services for athletes in career transition include:

Career Planning & Professional Self-Awareness Analysis

Where to do begin? Let’s take a look in the mirror to understand your strengths, motivations, skills and interests.

Job Search Strategy Development & Outreach Tactics

Having order and a clear process is critical to a successful job search! Let’s work together to target specific sectors, industries, employers and roles.

Classic Job Search v. Alternative Job Search v. Retirement Transition

We will work together to help you transition to a new job with your current organization or another organization. Depending on your needs and interests, we can also explore a transition into retirement or perhaps starting your own business or solo-practice.

Resume & LinkedIn

I will work closely with you to create a customized executive resume and LinkedIn profile, so that you are communicating your talents in the best way possible. View my webinar on resume writing

My Personalized Resume Process

1) Questionnaire – Key Accomplishments - In advance of a phone interview, I ask you to complete a questionnaire to describe the 3 things you are most proud of in your career, regardless of when they happened. If you are applying for a specific job, feel free to think of the 3 most important aspects of the job and how your accomplishments might match up.

2) Interview – Our interview will be a review of your questionnaire responses along with understanding your current resume. This interview can take place either in-person or via phone. Usually interviews take 60-90 minutes.

3) Draft Delivery and Versioning - My resume writing style is to report what you have achieved. It is not about being “flashy”, but rather a summary of core challenges, stakeholders, actions, and accomplishments, so a reader can get a sense of your skills, values, relationships and personal brand. In 7-10 business days, I send you a resume draft, and we begin the editing process until the facts are right and you believe it to be “game ready”. Unlike other resume writers that limit you to a certain number of document revisions, I do not have a limit on document revisions.

4) Get External Feedback - You send your resume to 3 people in your professional circle who would be in a position to hire you for input. I remain at the ready to incorporate the feedback.

5) Final Version - Your resume is ready to go

Interview Coaching

We will review the job spec together to anticipate interview questions and will work on your message and your ability to connect with your interviewer. We will simulate a “real interview,” to increase your confidence with the process. View my webinar on interviewing.

Salary Negotiation

What should you be asking for? Let’s work together to negotiate a compensation package.

Integration Plan

You have the new job, now lets make sure you get off to the right start!

Managing Change at Work

Let's develop strategies to ensure that you are positioning yourself for success as your workplace evolves. 

Mentor/Sponsor Relationships

How are you viewed by your stakeholders at work? Let’s take an intentional approach to managing your internal stakeholders?

Annual Review Preparation

Be recognized and rewarded for your accomplishments. Let’s work on how to articulate your achievements.


For a complimentary 30-minute consultation, you can contact me at to discuss your goals and objectives. I look forward to hearing from you.

I played football at Union College and graduated in 2013. After several years in the workforce, I decided to get an MBA. Jason Levin proved to be a truly invaluable resource during my career transition. He leveraged his years of career coaching experience to create a clear and actionable strategy that would go on to define my career path. From exploring potential career fields to developing a comprehensive game plan, to extensively preparing for final interviews, Jason proved to be an exceptional mentor and coach. He helped integrate my student-athlete story into my professional story. I credit much of my success today to his methods and guidance. I would recommend Jason's services to anyone who wishes to further their professional career.

Brian R. Gaffney, Senior Consultant, Booz Allen Hamilton