Career Coaching Services for Executives and Mid-Career Professionals

Are you an executive or mid-career professional who feels stuck in your career? 

Are you trying to figure out your next step at your current organization? 

Perhaps you are looking at opportunities outside your organization, but find yourself spending hours online looking for jobs with no results? 

Let’s have a conversation to see if an executive career coach is a fit for your goals.

Ready, Set, Launch LLC is dedicated to inspiring you to get the career you want by: 

  • demystifying the job search process
  • evaluating your options with your current employer
  • developing a career development plan
  • assisting with a retirement transition 
  • helping you start or grow your small business.

Executive career coaching will help you: 

  • Define, or refine, your career interests
  • Clarify your strategy to achieve goals
  • Articulate an actionable plan
  • Execute the plan to land that next job, promotion or career change. 
  • Become your own boss by starting a business. 
  • Consider options for your retirement transition.

Whether you are an executive, in a mid-career transition, or reentering the workforce, you’ll receive a customized program that meets your unique and specific needs.


Career Development Assessment

How do you find advancement opportunities?

Job Search Strategy Development + Outreach Tactics

Executive career coaching will help you create a clear process, which is critical to a successful job search! Together we’ll apply your career action plan to target specific sectors, industries, employers and roles.

Alternative Job Search or Retirement Transition

Your goals may include leaving a traditional office role to pursue your passions, or making a retirement transition. Executive career coaching can help you identify strategic opportunities and use the right tactics to achieve your goals.

Building Relationships with Executive Search Consultants

Are you managing your executive search relationships correctly? Learn how to work with recruiters so that they advocate on your behalf and help uncover career advancement opportunities.  

Executive Resume Services + LinkedIn

An accomplishment-oriented resume is a key part of your personal brand. Our executive resume services will help you customize your resume and LinkedIn profile, to highlight your talents and help you stand out from other applicants.

Executive Resume Writing Services

1) Questionnaire – Key Accomplishments -

In advance of a phone interview, you’ll be asked  to complete a questionnaire to describe what you are most proud of throughout your career.. 

If you are applying for a specific job, it’s a good idea to think of the three most important aspects of the job and how your accomplishments might match up.

2) Interview – Our interview will be a review of your questionnaire responses, along with a review of your current resume. This interview can take place either in-person or remotely. Interviews usually last 60-90 minutes.

3) Draft Delivery and Versioning -

he executive resume writing process focuses on what you have achieved and your key stakeholder interactions. It is not about being “flashy,” but rather about allowing a potential employer to get a sense of your overall skills, values, relationships and personal brand. 

In 7-10 business days, you’ll receive a resume draft, and we begin the editing process until the facts are right and you believe the document to be “game ready.” 

Unlike other executive resume writers who limit the number of revisions, we will work together until you have a resume that meets your goals. 

4) Get External Feedback - You seek feedback on your resume from 3 people in your professional circle who would be in a position to hire you. I remain at the ready to incorporate the feedback.

5) Final Version - Your resume is ready to go

Executive Interview Training

We will review the job specs together to anticipate likely interview questions and understand what the job is really about, and then we’ll practice. The goal of executive interview training is to help you learn to showcase your skills and connect with your interviewer. We will simulate a real interview, to increase your confidence with the process.

Salary Negotiation

What should you be asking for? Your executive career coaching service includes insight into the type of benefit package you can expect. Let’s work together to decide what benefits are most important to you and how to negotiate a compensation package.

Career Development Plan

Your executive career coaching services don’t end at a job offer. Once you have the new job, we will work to make sure you get off to the right start and make the most of opportunities that come your way!

Managing Change at Work

Managing change in a matrixed organization requires an intentional approach.  Perhaps you got a new boss, or a close colleague got a promotion.  Perhaps your team is going through a reorganization.  We will develop strategies to ensure that you are positioning yourself for success as your workplace evolves. 

Annual Review Preparation

Executive career coaching is about more than simply getting a job. As an annual review comes around, it’s your opportunity to be recognized and rewarded for your accomplishments. Let’s work on how to articulate your achievements and continue to position you for career advancement.

Take advantage of  a complimentary 30-minute consultation, to see  if I’m the executive career coach who is right for you.