Your ability to prepare for every scenario will serve you well in your next step.

From high-school to college to the professional ranks, your athletic career has been a journey. You committed hours and hours each day to practice, so you could perform at your best.

Let’s talk about you and your career goals and the types of careers for former athletes that are available today.

Engaging a career coach can help you develop ideas on your athlete career transition and understand how to position yourself for a career in an office

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Together, we will:

  • Define your career interests
  • clarify your strategy to achieve goals
  • build an intentional approach to your relationships
  • articulate an actionable plan
  • work to execute the plan


Whether you intend to land a job, get a promotion, change careers or plan a retirement transition, Ready Set Launch can help. An athlete career transitions can also focus on starting, and growing,  a small business.

I played football at Union College and graduated in 2013. After several years in the workforce, I decided to get an MBA. Jason Levin proved to be a truly invaluable resource during my career transition. He leveraged his years of career coaching experience to create a clear and actionable strategy that would go on to define my career path. From exploring potential career fields to developing a comprehensive game plan, to extensively preparing for final interviews, Jason proved to be an exceptional mentor and coach. He helped integrate my student-athlete story into my professional story. I credit much of my success today to his methods and guidance. I would recommend Jason's services to anyone who wishes to further their professional career.

- Brian R. Gaffney, Senior Consultant, Booz Allen Hamilton

Ready, Set, Launch, LLC services for athletes in career transition include:

Career Planning & Professional Self-Awareness Analysis

Where to begin your athlete career transition? Let’s take a look in the mirror to understand your strengths, motivations, skills and interests.

Job Search Strategy Development & Outreach Tactics

Having order and a clear process is critical to a successful job search! Let’s work together to target specific sectors, industries, employers and roles.

Job Search for Retired Athletes

We will work together to help you transition to a new role. We can begin to translate the skills that you utlizied as an athlete and brainstorm ideas on specific industries, employers and roles where it could be a match. If you are the one that wants to be the employer, then lets develop your plan to make it work.

Resume & LinkedIn

I will work closely with you to create a customized executive resume and LinkedIn profile, so that you are communicating your talents in the best way possible.

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Interview Coaching for Athlete Career Transition

We will review the job spec together to anticipate interview questions and will work on your message and your ability to connect with your interviewer. Our goal here is to help you learn to articulate how the skills you learned as an athlete can apply to your career in a professional environment.

We will simulate a “real interview,” to increase your confidence with the process.

Salary Negotiation

What should you be asking for? Let’s work together to negotiate a compensation package.

Integration Plan for Athlete Career Transitions

You have the new job, now let’s make sure you get off to the right start! While your athletic skills can, and will, support your professional career, there are going to be a lot of differences. We’ll work together to ensure you’re prepared for an office culture.

Mentor/Sponsor Relationships

As your athletic career transitions into a professional role, having a mentor to provide guidance along the way can support your professional growth. Let’s take an intentional approach to managing your internal stakeholders.

Annual Review Preparation

Be recognized and rewarded for your accomplishments. Let’s work on how to articulate your achievements.

Take advantage of a complimentary 30-minute consultation to discuss your athlete career transition