I was a senior level technology executive looking for advancement into the c-suite. I was having a hard time communicating my value to an organization in a way that resonated with hiring execs. I knew I needed to do something different but did not know where to begin. I was referred to Jason by a mutual friend. After reviewing my resume, Jason quickly identified flaws in my resume and was able to transform it into a product that effectively communicated my brand or value in a meaningful way to hiring execs. Through his guided efforts, enthusiasm, and encouragement I was able to sharpen my communications skills, develop my personal brand and enabled me to tell a story. Jason’s style of engagement is refreshing, energetic and direct. Our work was transformational, setting me on a whole new path by exposing my passion for entrepreneurship. I highly recommend Jason for anyone needing career transition assistance or executive coaching. You will not be disappointed!"

Don W.

Jason’s passion for career coaching and extensive experience in brand management are powerful tools for anyone exploring a career change. My work with Jason centered on personal branding – my resume. In very short order, Jason transformed my tired, task based resume into a dynamic overview of my skills and accomplishments. He is a skilled listener. By focusing on those things unique to my career, diving deeper into the critical issues, assessing the impact of my activities on key stakeholders and management, and highlighting underlying experience and values, he gave my resume a powerful voice. In addition to my new resume, and owing specifically to his penetrating questions and diligence, I came away with a renewed sense of purpose and a confidence in the career I’ve led. Jason’s energy, passion and engaging personality made the experience enjoyable. -Paul M. (C-Suite Exec, 20+ years experience)"

As a young partner at a large law firm, I knew I needed a business plan, but I didn’t know where to begin. Jason gave me the skill set and the confidence I needed not just to create a business plan, but to establish a professional image that I’m excited to grow. I would (and do!) highly recommend Jason for any lawyer similarly looking to create or grow a practice of their own."

At a time when I was frustrated and ready to embark on a new career, I turned to Ready Set Launch LLC for guidance. Jason helped me better understand my strengths and define what I really enjoyed doing in my work life. I had just moved the West Coast and though the interaction was conducted by scheduled calls and email, I still felt that Jason was able to get to know me and offer personalized advice. Through this process I came to realize that I was already on the right path, and I just needed a little kick to move forward. We worked on my pitch, examined the highs and lows at past companies and created a strategy to target new opportunities and evaluate current options. Throughout this process Jason remained a great listener, interpreter, advisor, and motivator. I would highly recommend him."

Alyse C. - Media + Entertainment Professional

Jason is the best!! His guidance, encouragement and advice we invaluable during my 6 month job search. He honed my interviewing skills and had me focus on talking points which I normally would have not even considered. The end result was a new position! Thanks Jason!"

Jeff - Director of Tax, Fortune 500 Company

Jason helped me build the confidence I needed to handle my salary negotiation (with a Global Fortune 500 company) in a calm and professional manner — without stepping back from my target. His practical strategies and contextual knowledge about the job market were invaluable. I couldn’t have done it without his help!"

Susanne S. - Ivy League Undergrad, Technical PhD

A friend referred me to Jason at a point in my life when I had reached a crossroads in my career and wasn’t sure if I should continue on the same path (dentistry) or change direction. Jason helped me figure out what I wanted and where I wanted to be. I’m still a work in progress, but he definitely helped me go in the right direction and get the answers I needed."


After almost seven years at the same company, I was seeking a career change but didn’t know what that could look like. I reached out to Jason in hopes of finding a career coach who could give me the tools to provide guidance for this process. My first exercise with Jason was very eye opening and I was amazed at how he listened and was able to create a profile of potential career paths for me. His “out of the box” thinking was invaluable and he opened my mind to possibilities I wouldn’t have considered. I also appreciated that he put the process back on me and provided steps to help me move forward. The real personal touch was receiving notecards from Jason with newspaper clippings spotlighting industries and companies to research. I really felt he was vested in my success. When an amazing opportunity came my way, I called Jason and he made himself available on short notice to talk me through preparing my resume. His advice and insight helped me present myself on paper in a way that I was proud of. Submitting my resume quickly turned into interviews where Jason also offered advice and directed me to a recent webinar he had facilitated. I felt very prepared going into this process and this helped to boost my confidence. Finally, when I received my job offer, Jason was available to help me prepare for a negotiation of my compensation package. Throughout my time working with Jason, he has been a great cheerleader and coach. His support was invaluable throughout every step of my process and he really gave me the confidence to try something new. Reflecting back, it is amazing how the strengths and interests Jason outlined in my career profile are reflected almost 100% in my new position. His ability to give me the clarity to identify the right next move for my career was invaluable and I think this is what differentiates him. I look forward to continuing to work with Jason in the future and recommend him to anyone who is trying to navigate changes in their career."

Tania - Marketing Professional

My career was at a major crossroads when I worked with Jason. I was considering leaving the practice of law, but I really had no idea what would be next. Jason guided me through the process of focusing my job search on those jobs that I would be both qualified for and passionate about. He encouraged me to pursue my goal of working in the international arena, and taught me how to market my qualifications even though I did not have recent international experience. With his help, I applied for and found a job at the Department of State that perfectly matches my interests and skills. I couldn’t be happier with my experience working with Jason."

Sara M.

Jason was a Godsend. Our college graduating senior had many, many interviews BUT couldn’t seem to close the deal and get a job offer. Jason jumped right in; got a game plan. In eight short week and before graduation my son had an offer in hand. Everything in life is a process; in these tight economic times even a college senior with a great resume needs guidance to figure out the maze. Finally, Jason helped finesse a sign-on bonus! My son could not have done this without Jason, and we are greatly appreciative of all his assistance."


Jason’s personalized, dedicated and supportive attention to my job search, helped build my professional and personal confidence. He asked targeted questions to extract my full professional potential, vital to marketing myself on my resume. When Jason restructured my resume, I started to procure interviews with many potential employers complementing my resume and skills. Even after I secured a position in a non-profit organization, Jason and I have still kept in touch. He truly cares that you find your professional match."

Lisa A.

When I worked with Jason, I was trying to get my first, post-law school attorney position. Jason reviewed my resume, cut it down to one page, and really made me think about what was on there. He also gave me fantastic advice on where I should be looking and what questions I should be asking lawyers in the field. Jason is very passionate about resumes and it really comes across in his work. He is such a pleasure to work with."

Melissa A.

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