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Talent is the lifeblood of your organization, and outplacement coaching and services can help support your talent.

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As an employer, you care deeply about your organization’s employer brand and the ability to attract, retain and develop talented people.

Unfortunately, there are times when an employee no longer fits into the organization’s strategy. It is never easy to part ways with an employee. You certainly recognize the employee’s contribution, and as an employer you want to make sure the departure is managed well.

Ready, Set, Launch, LLC, based in Washington, DC, provides thoughtful and strategic executive outplacement coaching and exit management to ensure a seamless transition for your valuable talent.

We work with each executive to develop a unique, personalized strategy to explore, define and achieve their career goals.

Personalized Outplacement Coaching

Ready, Set, Launch, LLC provides your exiting employee with a job search strategy and tactics for maximum success.

A successful career transition is based on the individual’s needs, interests, experiences and career goals. By customizing job search strategies with career coaching, we gain the employee’s buy-in and help make a smooth transition.

Outplacement coaching is available in-person, or by phone, Zoom, Teams or FaceTime.

Washington, DC Metro Area Exit Management Services

Ready, Set, Launch, LLC is led by executive career coach Jason Levin, and is based in Washington, DC. We are proud to work with executives and mid-career professionals of diverse backgrounds. Outplacement coaching clients include:

  • Amlaw 100 law firms
  • Fortune 500 companies
  • Trade associations
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Private-equity backed and emerging technology companies.

Jason is the best!! His guidance, encouragement and advice we invaluable during my 6 month job search. He honed my interviewing skills and had me focus on talking points which I normally would have not even considered. The end result was a new position!

- Jeff - Director of Tax, Fortune 500 Company


Career Coaching: Self-Awareness Assessment

Imagine giving a thoughtful and honest answer to the classic interview question, “Will you walk me through your resume?”

Through Ready, Set, Launch, LLC’s exit management program, your transitioning employee has the opportunity to take a step back and reflect on their skills, interests, values and accomplishments.

Job Search Strategy

Based on insights from the assessment interview, we are able to create a focused job search tailored to your transitioning employee. Their outplacement coaching sessions provide them with an actionable job search strategy based on target industries, roles and employers.

Mr. Levin was our educational speaker on the topic of outplacement services during a meeting for the Northern Virginia Chapter of the Association of Legal Administrators. Mr. Levin came prepared with a solid presentation and additionally engaged the crowd, asking every person in attendance for questions they had or specific examples where outplacement might be necessary within their firms. He then answered everyone's questions and provided real scenarios that truly explained the ins and outs of outplacement services. The feedback from our attendees was great. Should my firm ever need this, I know exactly who I will call!

- Megan Phelan - Firm Administrator, Cook, Craig & Francuzenko

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Relationship Building

People always know more people than they realize. Outplacement coaching helps individuals improve their networking skills to better leverage their existing relationships.

Our work together will ensure clear communication of outplaced employees’ interests to contacts in their professional, personal and associative circles. Employees will learn how to introduce themselves to others in professional and informal settings.

Market Intelligence (Print, Digital, Events)

You are what you read, so read with intent! Based on the outplaced employees’ target employers and roles, our coaching will ensure that the transitioning employee is aware of and reading relevant newsletters and industry periodicals as well as attending relevant events.

Executive Search + Recruiter Strategy

Ready, Set, Launch, LLC, helps exiting employees navigate the executive search community. An employee’s goals will dictate how they leverage the search and staffing ecosystem.

24/7 Career Advancement Advice

To ensure momentum, outplaced employees will have access to Ready, Set, Launch, LLC’s career development webinars on:

  • job-seeking best practices
  • personal branding
  • interviewing
  • resume writing
  • networking and outreach
  • social media strategy

Tracking File + Organization

Ready, Set, Launch, LLC offers transitioning employees assistance in creating and maintaining detailed documentation of job search efforts to maintain a focused job search.

Job Interview Coaching

Practice, practice, practice! Ready, Set, Launch, LLC conducts mock interviews to help outplaced employees succeed. Our job interview coaching ensures the applicant’s approach, message, and questions are aligned with the market, organization and interviewer.

This job interview preparation helps to turn interviews into offers.

Executive Resume Services

Each client receives a Resume Rewrite because an accomplishment-oriented resume is an important piece of your outplaced employee’s personal brand.

Take advantage of a complimentary 30-minute consultation on our executive outplacement coaching.