Career Advancement and Business Development

"Jason is a rock star! He’s incredibly talented in his work with both individuals and organizations. I am a senior partner and practice leader at one of the largest executive search and talent solutions firms in the world, and he recently facilitated our practice retreat. He was phenomenal in working with a diverse group and ensuring relevancy for everyone. He not only provided us with very tangible advice, but also helped us reflect and envision broad strategic opportunities. Everyone left the retreat very energized and fulfilled. I recommend him to individuals and groups at any point on their career or organizational journeys." - Divina Gamble, Partner, Korn Ferry

Jason takes a customized approach with his speaking and training clients. No audience is the same which is why Jason designs his speaking and training approach thinking about the customer first. He has delivered keynotes, workshops and seminars centered on career advancement and business development topics to Fortune 500 corporations, Amlaw 100 law firms, federal and state government agencies,  employers, national conferences and professional associations including:

  • Korn Ferry
  • Marriott
  • Littler Mendelson P.C.
  • Thompson Hine
  • Van Ness Feldman LLP
  • Leadership Council on Legal Diversity
  • NALP
  • National Geographic Society – Lean Forward (Women’s Affinity Group)
  • Association of American Medical Colleges
  • University of Maryland - Smith School of Business (MBA and Executive MBA Programs)
  • Virginia Tech Executive MBA Program
  • Montgomery County Parks - Maryland National Capital Park and Planning Commission
  • National Medical Association Annual Conference – Physician Executive section
  • Women in Government Relations
  • Georgetown University – Office of Development
  • Kentucky Science and Engineering Foundation


Managing Your Personal Brand

When most people think of a brand, they think of popular products or companies – breakfast cereals, soft drinks, and department stores.  For your career, a brand can be so much more – a means to a promotion, a career change, business development, or boosting your services for a side business.  In this session, learn about the business of brands, how to learn from consumer marketing, and how to translate these lessons into your own personal brand development.

This seminar helps you answer questions including:

  • What is the relationship between consumer marketing and personal marketing
  • How do I go about enhancing my personal brand in my organization and my industry?
  • How can I use feedback to enhance my personal brand?
  • How can I find brand ambassadors in my organization?

To get a sense of my approach to this topic, view this personal brand webinar.

Authentic Approaches to Business Development

You have unique skills, talents, abilities, ideas and interests. You have likely grown in your organization because of your technical expertise in professional services (e.g., as lawyer, accountant, or consultant). Taking that next step in your firm or company likely means that you need to become more seasoned at business development.

It is too easy to listen to conventional wisdom and talk yourself out of business development activities:

  • As an introvert, how I can honestly develop business?
  • I don’t have time for business development…
  • Business development is for other people…

Lets take a thoughtful and tactical look at getting your business development activities off the ground. This seminar helps you address issues including:

  • How to recognize an opportunity for your area of practice;
  • What you actually need in your plan of attack;
  • How to carve time in the busiest of schedules to move your strategies forward; and
  • How to engage internal champions to support your efforts.

Get the Meeting! Cultivating Mentors and Sponsors to Move Your Career Forward

As an executive or professional, you probably understand how vital mentors and sponsors are to advancing your career interests.   But how do you build these important relationships? How much time do you spend pursuing these people? What should you be asking for? Whom do you ask and how you manage those conversations?

Get the Meeting!: Cultivating Mentors and Sponsors to Move Your Career Forward takes a thoughtful and tactical look at the most essential elements of mentorship and sponsorship. This seminar helps you answer questions including:

  • What are the fundamental differences between mentors and sponsors?
  • How can mentors benefit your career?
  • How can sponsors benefit your career?
  • How can you initiate meetings that allow you to cultivate the mentors and sponsors who can help your career?
  • How can you manage expectations of your mentor or sponsor?

To get a sense of my approach to this topic, view this mentor/sponsor webinar.

Making the Retirement Transition

Retirement! Retirement can be anything you want it to be. However, choosing among the endless options and choices can be daunting. How will I spend my time? Will I get bored? Do I really want to spend my retirement the way my parents did? Let’s begin to answer these questions.

Making the Retirement Transition will provide a framework for transitioning into retirement or finding a new career while in retirement. This seminar takes a structured approach to retirement both by uncovering your past successes and aligning them with your current motivations and passions. Additionally, we explore these questions:

  • What practical tools can I use to begin to thinking about retirement on my own terms?
  • How do I go about taking these ideas and make a practical plan to retire in a realistic time frame?
  • How can I transition my skill set into an encore career?

To get a sense of my approach to this topic, view this retirement webinar.

Networking for People Who Hate the Word Networking

Ugh! Networking?!

Are you looking to move up in your organization? Are you looking to decide on your next career move?

In theory, most of us understand that so-called networking is essential to career success. In reality, most of us do not practice true networking. Education around how “to network” tends to focus on explaining how to navigate events or use social media, and not enough time or attention is spent on the process and goals around managing and nourishing existing relationships. Networking for People Who Hate the Word Networking takes a thoughtful and tactical look at the most essential elements of managing relationships.

To get a sense of my approach to this topic, click on this networking webinar.

Interviews That Land Job Offers

You have reached the final frontier in your job search. Background music, maestro: The job interview! If it goes well, a potential job awaits. How is it that some candidates “stand out” and create a unique connection with a potential employer? Great candidates approach their interview no differently than famous talk show hosts approach their upcoming interviews. There is a short period of time to articulate their unique value and to elicit key stories and experiences from the person in front of them.

This seminar reviews interviewing best practices and answers questions including:

  • How should you ask for and properly use an informational interview with a potential employer?
  • What should you really do to prepare for an interview?
  • How do you correctly balance both answering and asking questions during an interview?
  • What are the nuances of a panel, video, phone screen or Skype interview?
  • How do you channel your inner talk show host to stand out with your interviewer?

To get a sense of my approach to this topic, view this interview webinar.

Jason Levin delivered an exceptional keynote address at our Newbie Boot Camp for Digital Communicators at the National Press Club in Washington, DC, and he gave the attendees a lot to think about. In a detailed discussion covering the topic of how to take charge of your personal brand, Jason laid out a number of factors that need to be considered in marketing yourself and your skills to potential employers and customers. Jason’s talk, which was well received by the audience, showcased his skill as a career coach and his knowledge of professional development. I look forward to working with him again.

Richard Brownell, Content Manager for PR Events, PR News, December, 2014

Jason presented a session at the University of Maryland – Smith School of Business, Executive MBA “Act with Intent – Define Your Next Career Move”. It was so engaging and personable. He was keen to customize it to our cohort, by collecting questions and thoughts prior to the presentation day. He did not limit to the questions to just during his talk, but he was also responsive to questions asked few days after the presentation. I would recommend it to anyone looking of ways to define his/her next career move, or even hesitant about what the next career move might be!

Mostafa (EMBA student), June, 2014

Jason delivered an engaging talk entitled “Interview Like a Talk Show Host” at our 2012 KIEC Conference on June 1, 2012. The conference was attended by scientists and technology developers from diverse research fields, including science graduate students and post doctoral fellows. There are two main aspects of Jason’s work as a career coach that I enjoy: Jason gives very specific tasks to be performed, and Jason tailors his suggestions based on the typical mistakes made by the particular audience he is speaking to. Showing his research of the audience, Jason made frequent references to classic errors that PhDs and PostDocs make in speaking about themselves. In more than 10 years of experience working with early and mid career scientist, I have seen many career coaching presentations and speakers. Jason receives one of my highest recommendations as a speaker for his knowledge, his delivery, his motivational style and his willingness to interact with his audience throughout the presentation.

Maria Labreveux, Program Director, Kentucky Science and Technology Corporation

“Jason spoke at a professional development seminar for Women in Government Relations on negotiating what you deserve. His comments were spot on and his presentation highly engaging and informative. The group left the seminar with terrific tips for improving their negotiating skills as well as how to “seal the deal” with a prospective new employer. Looking around the room during Jason’s presentation, I constantly saw heads nodding and women taking careful notes – both signs of a very successful event. I would highly recommend Jason to any group looking to learn more about how to advance their career and reach the next step.

Christina (Government Relations Professional)


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