As a young partner at a large law firm, I knew I needed a business plan, but I didn’t know where to begin. Jason gave me the skill set and the confidence I needed not just to create a business plan, but to establish a professional image that I’m excited to grow. I would (and do!) highly recommend Jason for any lawyer similarly looking to create or grow a practice of their own.

- Law Firm Partner

Business development! You may think you have a certain personality type that does not allow you to be effective at business development. The reality in 21st century business development is that if you can listen, understand your customer’s needs and articulate a solution, then you already have the foundations of a successful business development skill set.

Ready, Set, Launch, LLC provides one-one-one coaching, group coaching and workshops to help attorneys, accountants, and consultants market their skill set, raise their profiles and become comfortable in “pitch" meetings.


Creating a Business Development Mindset

Is the voice inside you working for or against you?

Business Development Strategies for Lawyers 2 0 0-8 screenshot

Nourishing Your Relationship Base

You know more people than you think you do. Let’s get to work in figuring out who you know.

Personal Branding + Raising Your Professional Profile Within the Firm

Do your colleagues know what you are trying to achieve? Are you consistently developing internal relationships?

Personal Branding + Raising Your Professional Profile Within Relevant Industries

Who are your customers and how can you reach them?

Customer + Contact Management

Winning a contract does not happen on a first meeting. How can you cultivate relationships both to growing existing business and earn new business?

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