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Just get your business started!

In my coaching work, I have the distinct pleasure of supporting small business owners and entrepreneurs as they take their growth ideas, products, services, passions, and business savy into the marketplace.  They deserve a great deal of credit as striking out on your own can be risky. If you are thinking of putting a toe…

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Ben and Jerry’s Motivates Us to Stop Procrastinating in 2015

Since 1978, Ben and Jerry’s, have been delivering “Vermont’s Finest” ice cream like no other. My personal favorite is Phish Food, and I celebrate my birthdays with a delicious Ben and Jerry’s ice cream cake. In Bloomberg Businessweek, “Why Ben & Jerry’s Launches New Ice Cream Flavors in the Winter” on January 13, 2015, we learn that Ben…

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Be Resilient in 2014 Like Sam-I-Am!

With two young boys, it has been a thrill to be re-acquainted with one of the best children’s books of all-time.  The famous refrain “I do not like green eggs and ham. I do not like them Sam-I-am!”  from Dr. Seuss’ Green Eggs and Ham rings true today as much as when the book was…

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Maker’s Mark teaches us how not to “dilute” our brand

Maker’s Mark. This bourbon has been sold in a very distinctive bottle sealed with red wax since 1954.  In addition to great packaging and taste, you can count on its 45% alcohol by volume / 90 proof the same way you can count on the annual Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs. Or can you? In…

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